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"I've lived much of the best and some of the ugliest parts of life. I know a decent man can destroy himself with poor judgement; and that he can redeem himself thereafter with honest effort and singleness of purpose. For someone facing serious trouble, I can help."

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Sal M. Martinez has experienced both extremes of the American Judicial System, from criminal investigation, prosecution, to punishment. He now offers his expertise to those who need it most.

State Trooper - Texas Department of Public Safety (1985-1990)
Air Interdiction Officer - U. S. Customs Service (1990-1991)
Special Agent - Drug Enforcement Administration (1991-1999)

Inmate - Federal Correctional Institution - Ashland, Kentucky (2000-2001)
Inmate - Federal Penitentiary - Atlanta, Georgia (2001)
Inmate - Federal Correctional Institution - Petersburg, Virginia (2001-2004)
Inmate - Federal Correctional Institution - Big Spring, Texas (2004-2006)
Inmate - Federal Halfway House - San Antonio, Texas (2006)