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"I've lived much of the best and some of the ugliest parts of life. I know a decent man can destroy himself with poor judgement; and that he can redeem himself thereafter with honest effort and singleness of purpose. For someone facing serious trouble, I can help."

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On May 5, 2000, Sal M. Martinez was sentenced to serve 87 months in federal prison for Conspiracy to Commit Murder for Hire. His case is detailed in the highly acclaimed book titled, Down by the River - Drugs, Murder, Money and Family, by Charles Bowden, Simon and Schuster, 2002.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons disregarded his spotless record and classified him as a violent offender thus ineligible for a minimum-security camp. Sal spent the next six years in three low-security prisons, one medium security prison, and a penitentiary, including two months of solitary confinement. At one prison, Sal was incarcerated with inmates he had arrested.

You may be able to imagine the physical condition of incarceration. What you cannot do is prepare yourself for the emotional and psychological reality of it. Living in a prison setting will change you. It is a constant struggle to suppress frustration. Sal adjusted to the rigors of incarceration and achieved personal growth. Now, he wants to help you and your family.

It will be hard work to do the time and not let the time do you.