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"I've lived much of the best and some of the ugliest parts of life. I know a decent man can destroy himself with poor judgement; and that he can redeem himself thereafter with honest effort and singleness of purpose. For someone facing serious trouble, I can help."

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buring confiscated drugs with mexican police

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Sal M. Martinez wrote countless reports of investigation for the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Custom Service and Texas Department of Public Safety. By virtue of this extensive experience, he knows what is contained within the investigation reports. A close examination of the arrest reports, informant debriefings, witness statements, and court documents will not only reveal the tactics used by the arresting officers but expose flaws in the investigation that could lead to a dismissal in your case.

Law enforcement agencies have strict guidelines for handling physical evidence of controlling informants. The chain of custody for drug and non-drug evidence is vital for preservation when entered as an exhibit in a court of law. Documentation of each item and each person who possessed the evidence is mandatory of the evidence will be considered tainted. As for informants, they are motivated by money to se up people. Their control agents must follow specific administrative regulations. As a Paralegal and former law enforcement agent at multiple levels of government, Sal can assess the investigative techniques, credibility of the evidentiary material, and adherence to agency guidelines.

Here is an extraordinary opportunity to work with someone who was a top-level investigator for the U.S. Government then exposed to the rigors of incarceration.