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"I've lived much of the best and some of the ugliest parts of life. I know a decent man can destroy himself with poor judgement; and that he can redeem himself thereafter with honest effort and singleness of purpose. For someone facing serious trouble, I can help."

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What do you do if another inmate cuts in front of you in the chow line? What do you say if a prison guard asks for information? What can you do if you are placed in a high security facility far from home? These are just some of the questions that can be answered before you are placed in these predicaments. Prison staff and inmates assess each other based on first impressions. Specific words and actions must be employed because one mistake can create a dangerous situation. Sal will walk the client through various scenarios, teach him how to react, and provide the knowledge to survive in prison.

There is no way to comprehend the many facets of incarceration unless the defendant is tutored by someone who has actually spent a significant amount of time in prison. There are various publications and internet sites that attempt to describe the prison setting, but few are truly accurate. Based on first-hand experience, Sal will explain the prison administrative guidelines pertaining to voluntary surrender, telephone usage, educational programs, transfers, camp designation, early release, etc. Sal can also help family members prepare for the separation and challenges they will face.

Don't be fooled. Prison officials do not follow the judges's recommendations.