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"I've lived much of the best and some of the ugliest parts of life. I know a decent man can destroy himself with poor judgement; and that he can redeem himself thereafter with honest effort and singleness of purpose. For someone facing serious trouble, I can help."

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The most important document in the pre-detention process is the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report. It is used by the sentencing judge and the Federal Bureau of Prisons to determine the fate of the defendant. It is imperative that all positive qualities of the defendant are presented and any defamatory statements be contested. Sal will help the client prepare for the interview with the U.S. Probation Office to assure the most lenient sentence and amicable prison conditions.

When a defendant is ordered by the sentencing judge to serve prison time, specific personal and business arrangements for a life-altering transition must be made prior to incarceration. Sal will help prioritize the areas of concern for the client, and prevent loved ones from suffering additional pain or financial loss. Once the defendant has reported to prison, there is almost no control of personal and business matters.

Sal M. Martinez will be your personal advisor through the maze of uncertainity.